Commercial Loans Arizona

Interested in buying or refinancing a commercial property? (Commercial Loans)

Obtaining commercial financing though traditional lending channels can be difficult in today’s lending environment.  We understand the current market and our expertise may be able to help finance your next commercial transactions.  We work diligently to tailor lending solutions that fit each of our client’s specific commercial financing needs.

The advantage of Del Mar’s private money financing is both our quickness and flexibility.  Oftentimes investors are met with short contract deadlines making their financing needs immediate and urgent.  Once a loan is approved, we can fund it in a matter of days.  Another advantage we provide is our flexibility to lend on a variety of property types and borrower situations.  As your private money lender we will bridge the gap between not qualifying for conventional financing and qualifying for conventional financing, so that you do not have to miss out on a great opportunity.

Loan Types

  • Multifamily
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Land
  • Construction

Loan Situations

  • Acquisition
  • Refinance
  • Investor & Owner-occupied
  • No minimum occupancy requirement